Reveal's Structure

The importance we place on customer services is demonstrated by the equal balance of commercial and technical staff on our team. Our flat management structure ensures that we can resolve any customer issues or queries as quickly as possible and with a minimum of effort on our clients’ part. Our pool of professionally certified and accredited engineers boasts a wealth experience across many fields of mechanical, refrigeration, electrical and Controller technology ensuring that faults or technical issues can be dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Technical Team (Design, Materials, Manufacturing, Quality, Testing)

Our technical team is made up of Engineering and Project Management staff. Their main role is to design, implement designed guidelines in the manufacturing, monitoring over process implementing quality control tools, testing the desired parameters with their specifications. They are also tasked with the implementation of project work to ensure that clients receive the desired level of support before, during and after project completion.

Commercial Team (Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounts, Administration)

Our Commercial Team deals with enquiries from new clients, their costing and proposals which come under our dedicated Account Management team focuses on supporting and working with our existing and new clients. Their further role is to ensure that all the back office functions run smoothly so that our new clients receive their invoices, and support contracts on time.

Customer Service

Our customer support team is dedicated only to our existing customers and deputing service engineers in major cities to provide services within 24x7.